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Get Complete Treatment for your Kid at the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Assam

Effective oral hygiene practiced from a young age results in healthy and shiny teeth for life. However, many kids face dental issues right from an early age. Parents ignore that milk teeth are equally important as permanent teeth and this is why many kids face dental issues. This is when you need an expert team of dentists offering pediatric dentistry. For a healthy permanent tooth to erupt into the oral cavity, paediatric dental care ensures that your child’s primary teeth remain strong and free of decay and other dental problems. We at Kindle Dental, the leading pediatric dentistry clinic in Assam, create an environment for the kids that gives them a positive mood by treating them to enjoyable activities. Our highly trained team ensures that your children have the friendliest experience possible in our clinics, both in the dental chair and the waiting area.

Child Dentistry in Assam- Providing the Best Service under one Roof

Under child dentistry service, Kindle Dental Clinic offers multiple services under one roof. Some of these are-
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Complete oral examination
  • Oral health consultation for infants
  • Coloured Fillings
  • Silver crownings
  • Root canal treatment
Before undergoing any treatment, our dentist will examine the problem and accordingly go ahead. Our dental specialist helps the child with dental treatment and will educate the importance of oral hygiene.

Kindle Dental Clinic- Offering Holistic Kids Dentistry Service

We at Kindle Dental believe in a holistic approach towards kid’s dentistry. Each of our dental surgeons is an expert in this field and understands how to treat kids without making them feel insecure or afraid. We ensure to reduce the anxiety level of kids and fostering comfort during dental procedures. Children visiting our dental clinic enjoy the centre’s homely feeling. Through our dental preventive treatment measures, we help kids to avoid any kind of high-end treatment. The use of braces in the future can be avoided with the help of our early-age orthodontic method, which helps kids stop their orthodontic issues from worsening.

Learning Oral Habits with Child Dentist in Assam

Child dentists at Kindle Dental in Assam provide complete insight into oral habits in children. Children develop certain habits that could damage teeth and the tissues that support them permanently at a young age. With repetition, one develops these behaviours. A purposeful effort is made to carry out the act in the beginning. However, this act later stays permanently, and kids adopt it quickly. Thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue pushing, teeth grinding, and nail biting are frequent oral behaviours in children. Dentists at Kindle Dental train kids to avoid practising these habits and follow the right oral habits, helping them have strong teeth later. From using the right toothbrush to fine-tuning the brushing technique, kids can learn every aspect of oral hygiene under our pediatric dentistry service.
Let Experts Conduct Complete Child Dental Care

Kindle Dental, the child dental care clinic in Assam, is the best to connect. Our dentist will carefully examine new teeth, soft tissues, and jaw growth and development patterns. It enables us to identify any dental decay in the initial stage and take the necessary action before it worsens and the child has pain or discomfort. So, contact us now for healthy teeth for your kid.

Q: What is The Cost of Dental Crowns?

The cost of dental crowns can be influenced by factors such as the type of material used, the location of the dental practice, the experience of the dentist, and any additional treatments required before or after the crown placement. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a dentist to get an accurate estimate of the total cost.

Q. How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

The dental crown longevity depends on various factors such as the material used, the oral hygiene practices of the patient, and the amount of wear and tear it undergoes. Generally, a crown can last between 5 to 15 years, or even longer with proper care.

Q. Do Dental Crowns Hurt?

The process of getting a dental crown may involve some discomfort during preparation and placement, but it is typically not painful. The doctor may use local anesthesia to numb the area and minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

Q.4. Do One Needs a Dental Crown After RCT?

A dental crown is typically recommended after a root canal treatment to protect the weakened tooth and restore its function. The crown can help prevent further damage and decay and improve the overall appearance of the tooth.